Global Consulting, Edobor  Co


Global Consulting, Edobor  Co


As the hotel and hospitality sector has grown around the world, so too is the need to upgrade the quality of the manpower and train the next generation of hotel and hospitality management professionals. Our top hotel and hospitality programs are designed using industry best practice approach and methodology to uplift the standards to international levels to meet the ever changing challenges of a global tourism economy, with a clear vision to improve the quality of knowledge and manpower skills in the sector and to give clients a strong grounding in a wide range of skills and knowledge needed for success in this sector. Our programs include but not limited to subjects such as accounting and revenue management, customer oriented service delivery in the hospitality and tourism industry, business planning and budgeting, stock management, human resources and infrastructure management, hospitality marketing, etc...


Hotel Classification


To attract, tourism on a sustainable basis, certain minimum quality standards must be met. This is best achieved by the clear classification of hotels so that guest would know what to expect when they check into a hotel. To develop tourism on a large scale, there is a need to put and maintain certain minimum standards of quality and services. This is best achieved, amongst others, by the classification of hotels to guarantee quality. In collaboration with our seasoned partners, we have the expertise to carry out the classification of hotels, provide infrastructure and database, as well as manpower to monitor hotels in any country, applying the latest methodologies within the industry to ensure best practices. Contact us for further details.


Identification of Tourist Attractions/Destinations


Tourist destination management requires a strategic approach providing innovative and well co-coordinated tourism products that are exceedingly important for tourism regions. Balancing the strategic aims of stakeholders and increasing total economic benefits are the most important objectives of the strategic marketing of a destination. We will help you identify and develop your tourist destinations.


Tourism Marketing


Global competitiveness and tourism concentration create numerous challenges and problems in the creation of consumer loyalty and sustainable competitive advantage in the Tourism product market. We shall help you with the creation of unique image of a particular tourist destination. We will help you balance the diverse interests of all stakeholders in a particular tourist destination. Our strategic marketing concept of a destination involves value creation for all participating partners through development of integrated marketing that contributes to the creation and advancement of attraction and unique image of the destination.