Global Consulting, Edobor  Co

Centre of Excellence, Management & Advanced Studies (CEMAS)

The Centre of Excellence, Management and Advanced Studies is an exceptional learning platform, working in close co-operation with the best established and seasoned institutions (established training organizations, University of Economics Vienna and other high-profile institutions in the knowledge transfer sector) across the world and Austria in particular to strengthen business leaders, civil society and government officials. Global Consulting, Edobor  CoIt is created to advance learning, mentoring, and innovation. The centre provides a dynamic and creative platform for young upwardly mobile and vibrant entrepreneurs, social innovators, top level career professionals, CEO’s and emerging leaders. Our programs are designed to equip you, our clients with the best tools available, to understand the dynamics and inter-actions of all stakeholders in the various sectors, and to enable you (our participant) develop initiatives that will set you above your competitors. Our courses are designed to provide practical experience, skills and exposure to tools that are applicable on daily basis. Our international platform offers an opportunity for opening doors for international businesses. With our partner network, we guarantee education of the highest standards in the sector.