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Project Management


This is our basic Project Management Program. It is designed to help you keep projects on track even in the toughest and most unpredictable times.

This program covers all the key project Management training areas: project scope and gathering requirements; creating a project plan; assessing project risk; managing multiple projects; managing enterprise-wide initiatives; scheduling, controlling and managing contracts and implementing project management offices for repeatable success throughout the organization.

Hundreds of thousands of project managers and businesspeople with project management responsibilities attend project management seminars each year. Upon completion of this course you will know what needs to be considered when planning a project and learn all about the history of project management. You will have a good understanding of the project management methodology. You will be more familiar with different project management tools, charts and diagrams. You will gain a good knowledge of different types of documentation such as program systems, technical paper-based, electronic, and specialist user documentation that help to show how a project has been set up.

Gain practical skills hands-on, prepare for your professional exam and get certified with our comprehensive Project Management training courses.

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  • Duty and responsibility of Project management.
  • Project phases.
  • Project Objectives.
  • Project Organisation.
  • Planning in 7 steps.
  • Project structure planning.
  • Process planning.
  • Change Management
  • Project end and documentation.
  • Project Leadership: Building High Performance Teams.


  • Time Management.
  • Cost planning and control.
  • Risk analysis and Management.
  • Crisis management.
  • Progress control.
  • Work in MS Project (Composition and definition of structures, scope for designs and display format, resources and operating sequences, schedules (time line), Mile stone, Budget planning, interface with other programs).
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Business Owners, Management, Project Managers, and Project support staffs..


Duration of Program

5 Days, from Mid September, 2015.

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co 


  • Lectures, Case studies and exercise role plays Workshops, Scenario Analysis.
  • This is an interactive learning program comprising 50% lectures and the rest will be case studies, exercises role plays and discussions.

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  • The program is coordinated by highly qualified trainers who have had hands-on experience in Project Management.
  • Every year, our international partners organize over 25,000 courses and seminars with over 300.000 participants. Over 12,000 expert trainers with the highest credentials are deployed.