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Strategic Marketing, Customer & Stakeholders Satisfaction for Top Management – The Path to Sustainable Growth


Changing times require new approaches to challenges. Further education and training are the best strategies to meeting these challenges.

In an ever changing global economy, as competition is intensifying the expectations of customers are. rising and what was once considered a perk or bonus is now amongst basic demands. And while everyone may agree that providing superior service is essential to continued success in a competitive world, too many executives still regard service as something hard to measure, manage or even make happen on a company wide scale.

Uplifting Service is a continuous and interactive dialogue. This program shall show steps for everyone from the Top Executive to the front lines representatives the required specific actions and concrete steps to be taken to meet rising expectations and continually improve the quality of service delivered at all levels of the company.

Packed with real-life examples, powerful principles and techniques, this program will educate, motivate and inspire anyone who attends to take new action now.

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co



  • Customer-first-principle.
  • Trend monitoring.
  • Customer as strategic partners.
  • Customer relations structure.
  • Competitors analysis and positioning.
  • Transforming complaints into opportunities.
  • Strategies for managing customer expectations.


  • Sustainable Growth through improved service delivery.
  • Seeing the world from your customers’ perspectives.
  • Proven steps from “basic” to “top customer” satisfaction.
  • Competitive advantage through Customer orientation & satisfaction.
Global Consulting, Edobor  Co 


Business owners, Top Management and Top Execs.


Duration of Program

5 days including excursion to Bratislava (Slovakian Republic).

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co 


  • Lectures, Case studies and exercise role plays Workshops, Mind Maps, Scenario Analysis.
  • This is an interactive learning program comprising 50% lectures and the rest will be case studies, exercises role plays and discussions.

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  • The program is coordinated by highly qualified trainers who have had hands-on experience in managing customers.
  • Every year, our international partners organize over 25,000 courses and seminars with over 300.000 participants. Over 12,000 expert trainers with the highest credentials are deployed.