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Process Management


The objective of this program is to equip participants with the skills and tools to streamline complex business processes, increase efficiency, productivity and quality management.

Participants shall be trained to identify business problems, be it system oriented, processes requiring improvement, introduction of new technology or process automation. This includes organizational change or innovation management. It involves identifying and working with various stakeholders to define and implement acceptable solutions and assessing the impacts of the solutions. This program will give your organization and employees the edge and tools they require,using tools for process MAPPING and automation, UML diagrams, Mind maps, Agile project Management, etc., to enhance their Project Management skills to ensure all projects produce the deliverables from inception to completion. You will learn how to translate business requirements into technical requirements and into a working system that substantially improve organizational processes, irrespective of the industry. The knowledge is applicable to the finance industry, telecommunication, travel, automotive/manufacturing, etc. This training will set you ahead of competitors and open you to solutions of problems that may be slowing your growth and keep your organization competitive in a rapidly changing world. The process management know-how is crucial when setting up new processes, updating an existing process or system, identifying problems and finding satisfactory solutions for all stakeholders. Global Consulting, Edobor  Co



  • Enhance employee skills and knowledge.
  • Save cost on contracting third party suppliers.
  • Retain Intellectual Knowledge and capital within the organisation.
  • Enhance competitive advantage.
  • Improved Quality Assurance standards.


  • Ability to be very dynamic and adoptive to changes.
  • Reduce product risks by using methods, tools, techniques, and checklists selected specifically for the initiative that is being undertaken.
  • Well documented process maps and process models which business users can use to work effectively.


  • Business Case Development (How To Put Together A Business Case).
  • Concept Phase (Current State Investigation/Research) – As Is.
  • Interviews, Workshops, Mind Maps, Scenario Analysis,.
  • As Is Documentation.
  • Project Communication Plan (How To Create & Document Communication Plans For Any Project).
  • Functional and Non Functional Requirements - Technical/General/Business Requirements.


  • Process Maps, Process Modeling,.
  • Scenario Analysis.
  • Stakeholder Management (Strategies To Manage People/Interest Groups That Influence Projects).
  • Stakeholder Analysis.
  • Stakeholder Mapping.
  • RACI Chart.
  • RAID Logs (Documenting Project Risk, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies) Requirement Specification/Validation.
Global Consulting, Edobor  Co 


Business owners, mid-level Management Quality Managers.

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co  

Duration of Program

5 days including excursion to Bratislava (Slovakian Republic).


  • Lectures, Case studies and exercise role plays Workshops, Mind Maps, Scenario Analysis,
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  • The program is coordinated by highly qualified trainers who have had hands-on experience in managing customers.
  • This is an interactive learning program comprising 50% lectures and the rest will be case studies, exercises role plays and discussions.