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Global Consulting is dedicated to the critical Analysis, Development and Implementation of Innovative Solutions for your problems.

Investment and Trade Promotion.

Global Consulting has expertise in investment promotion activities. Particular services offered are:

  • Development of concepts and programs for expansion challenges facing your organization or institution
  • Follow-up activities

Education and Re-Training Programs

In co-operation with acclaimed international institutions and training partners, Global Consulting offers high profile educational packages and organizes business missions to identify investment opportunities in the following fields:

  • Tourism
  • Regional Economic Planning and Finance
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Security
  • Project Appraisal And Evaluation

Merger and Management Fusion

We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Work Organisation, Work Flow and Work Plan
  • Performance Evaluation, Cost Management, Benchmarking
  • Strategic & Operative Management
  • Marketing Plan & Strategy
  • Streamlining Your Processes
  • Upgrade of Your Data Processing and Information Technology

Our Main Services Areas

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co

Oil & Gas

We help Organisations in the Oil & Gas sector to design a comprehensive and strategic approach to sustainability through footprint and value chain analysis, ensuring that sustainability and environmental issues are properly addressed.More

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co


We help organize and formalize your production processes in accordance with ISO 9001 - 9004. We shall ensure that your workflow is efficient and your quality management and control systems are not only product but customer oriented.More

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co

Banks & Financial Institutions

We provide various services to Banks & Financial Institutions, that include product appraisal, productivity analysis and management training workshops, etc., that lead to the elimination of non value activities, cost reduction and improved controls.More

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co


We can help you develop a comprehensive plan outlining your vision, goals and objectives and the approaches that a city can take to have that vision realized. As transportation service is a key component related to quality of life.More

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co


Global Consulting locates the best sites for your wireless networks. Tapping into a wide pool of resources and in collaboration with our high-profile technical partners we provide telecommunication project management, architecture, and engineering. More

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co

Health Care

Given our worldwide network of excellent contacts and partners, we are pleased to offer you management consulting, quality control and support services in the health care sector and products from a wide range of trendsetting medical technologies and healthcare systems.More

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co


Our Energy technical and business experts focus their energies on driving the evolution of electric power systems. Global Consulting provides innovative solutions across the entire spectrum of power generation, delivery and utilization.More

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co


As the hotel and hospitality sector has grown around the world, so too is the need to upgrade the quality of the manpower and train the next generation of hotel and hospitality management professionals. Our top hotel and hospitality programs are designed using industry best practice approach and methodology to uplift the standards to international levels to meet the ever changing challenges of a global tourism economy.More