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We can help you develop a comprehensive plan outlining your vision, goals and objectives and the approaches that a city can take to have that vision realized. As transportation service is a key component related to quality of life, it is not possible to improve the quality of life in a city without improving the transportation system. Global Consulting, Edobor  Co Although vehicle ownership in most developing countries is increasing, but providing additional road space to increase their ‘mobility’ benefit only a small percentage of the urban population. In most developing countries the vast majority of the urban population does not have access to personal vehicles and thus, a vast majority of the population often hardly benefit much from the construction of more roads. The traditional approach of increasing mobility by providing more road space is therefore not always economically productive or environmentally sustainable nor equitable.

In collaboration with our high-profile technical partners, we can help you develop a comprehensive urban transport system to meet the demand of an ever growing urban population. We can help you optimise your routes and implement a sustainable transportation system that raises the quality of living for your city residents.

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co Global Consulting, Edobor  Co

We can implement an integrated and balanced system that avoids any ‘transportation gaps’ and provide access to all groups of people in the city in a manner that is affordable to both the providers and the users of the system.

Global Consulting, Edobor  Co

We will ascertain that your system minimizes operational costs and maximizes revenue generation over an extended asset lifetime, while ensuring the highest levels of passenger safety and comfort. We pay special attention to technological standards (vehicle, fuel, emission etc.)


Tracking Technology

We can also help you with finding the right GPS (Global Positioning System) or car tracking system for your fleet. We can also help you with cargo tracking technology, personal tracking, locating of yachts, agricultural vehicle tracking, equipment tracking, locating RVs, boats and ships. Our system can do the following for you:

  • Track and trace your vehicles in real time.
  • Track the position, location and route of your fleets
  • Monitor your routes, distance (km) drive time, stop time.
  • Monitor loading doors, anti-theft buttons and external devices